Aerial View of Thoricus Ancient Theater, Mycenaean Tombs & Acropolis, Attica, Greece

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Around 50km from Athens, just outside Lavrion city, is one of the most important archaeological sites of antiquity, the ancient theater and Mycenaean tombs of Thoricus.

Thoricus or Thorikos was a city in the southern part of ancient Attica and the mining centre of the Laureotica area. The site was inhabited from the Neolithic Age (4th millennium BC). There is evidence of lead extraction from the Early Helladic period and of silver from 1500 BC.

The ancient city’s centre and its acropolis are on Velatouri hill and the theatre (c. 525-480 BC) is one of the oldest ampitheaters in the world and was also used for teaching comedies and tragedies.

According to evidence, the site flourished in the Mycenaean era, from 1600 to 1100 BC. At the summit of the hill, remnants of a Mycenaean acropolis were discovered, with five domed and vaulted graves – one including pottery and figurines dating from the seventh to the fifth centuries BC. This form of mortuary architecture was in use in the Late Bronze Age in the areas under the cultural influence of the Aegean. The finds are housed in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

Here is the video we created for you from our visit there, using wonderful aerial footage from our drones and cameras.

Enjoy the aerial view of Thoricus archaeological site and relax!

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