Aerial View of Schinias Beach & Pine Forest, Attica, Greece

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The stunning and long sandy Schinias beach in Attica is located 45 km north east of Athens and very close to Marathon city. The beach is a popular spot for families and windsurfers. The National Park is one of the most beautiful areas and important coastal ecosystem in Attica and belongs to the Natura 2000 network. The Schinias forest is one of the two most significant pine forests in Greece and seven pine forests in Europe, home to hundreds of bird species.

The beach of Schinias and National Park are located southeast of Marathon. Historically this area identifies with the Battle of Marathon which took place in 490 BC. This is where the Persian army camped. Over 5000 years of Greek civilization unfolded here.

The area of Schinias is a unique biotope. Don’t leave without enjoying a swim at the beautiful pine fringed beach of Schinias, one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Athens.

Here is the video we created for you from our visit there, using wonderful aerial footage from our drones and cameras.

Enjoy the aerial view of Schinias beach and relax!

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